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Plastik Jar(PJ 1)
Plastik Jar(PJ 2)
Plastik Jar(PJ 3)
Plastik Jar(PJ 4)
Plastik Jar(PJ 5)
Plastik Jar(PJ 6)
Plastik Jar(PJ 7)
Ointment Box(PJ 8)
Tablet Container(PJ 9)                       


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PJ 1
  5ml 5ml 5ml 5ml 5ml 5ml
PJ 2
  5ml 5ml 7ml 7ml 7ml 7ml
PJ 3
  12ml 12ml 10ml 5ml-30ml 100ml & 260ml 5ml,10ml & 15ml
PJ 4
  5ml,10ml & 15ml 10g 60g 15ml & 30ml 50ml & 100ml 60ml-330ml
PJ 5
  60ml & 140ml 5ml & 15ml 30ml-100ml 200ml-500ml 20ml & 30ml 120ml-280ml
PJ 6
  100ml-250ml 250ml 250ml 500ml 500ml  
PJ 7      
  200ml & 330ml 100ml-180ml 100ml      
PJ 8        
         5ml & 10ml 15ml-30ml        
PJ 9    
  2oz & 4oz 4oz & 6oz 4oz & 6oz 95ml    


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